Two Years.

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Today marks my 2 year blogoversary! And while the 2nd year often has a nasty reputation when it comes to human development, dubbed the “terrible twos,” I’ve found that with blogging this is quite the opposite when it comes to creative life development.  There’s nothing terrible about your 2nd year in the blogosphere. You only get better, so it only gets better! And when you do stumble along the way (as you’re bound to do), you have the perfect outlet to find your way.

When it comes to reflections on why I blog and how it’s changed me, I feel the same way I did when I reached my first milestone this time last year. I won’t rehash what I said there (because I think I said it as eloquently and succinctly as I ever could); but I’ll re-assert the idea that this site, my space among the cosmos as I think of it, still keeps me on my toes, learning and growing, fulfilling myself in creative expression and building a voice that I am proud of.

What I like about All That Glitters is that I don’t think it follows a genre, per say – though many “blogger rules” say this is a no-no. If you’re a fashion blogger, you blog about fashion. If you’re a beauty blogger, beauty. And a travel blogger, well, better keep things as exotic as possible. I hate being put into any kind of a box in my life, so I refuse to do it here.

If I were to characterize myself, I’d say I’m a lifestyle blogger, though I realize that the contradiction here is that I am, in fact, placing myself into a box by simply even calling myself this. I looked up the definition of “lifestyle” and got “the way people live at a particular time and place.” Taking this definition into account and perhaps also adding a spin to it in my mind of “how people live,” makes this particular characterization appeal to me. I think of it simply as blogging about “life.” And “life” is a term that covers every facet involved with it, giving me the freedom to use this space however my imagination chooses.

I choose it all.

In celebration of All That Glitters‘ 2nd birthday – I spent quite a bit a time looking over my blogging journey this last year, re-visiting old posts and smiling fondly at great moments along the way (with admittedly, a few of those “what was I thinking?” moments, too).

These are my most  favorite posts since my 1st blogoversary, not in any particular order. I hope you’ll enjoy looking back on them with me today as I raise a glass and say cheers!

Journey of a Dress: From Princess to Fashion Legend  ·  April 7, 2014
 …to Downtown LA We Go  ·  July 23, 2014
A New Perspective on Stress & A First World Problem  ·  September 17, 2013
Back to the Future, Living in the Past  ·  June 25, 2014
You Can’t Eat Beauty ·  March 5, 2014
A Day in the Garden  ·  October 23, 2013
Highlights  ·  July 11, 2014
Photo Diary: Happy Birthday in Ojai  ·  May 12, 2014
The Big Picture: A Night at the Oscars  ·    September 4, 2013
100 Happy Days: The End  ·  July 9, 2014
Where Bookworms Go To Party · April 14, 2014
3 Years at Bottega Louie   ·  January 30, 2014

Thank you so much for helping me make it to year 2! Onward, my friends…

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One Year

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I started blogging one year ago today. It’s pretty hard to believe where the time goes. By nature, I would describe myself as an extremely visual, creative, curious, reflective person, who a year ago found herself in a place where this side of herself wasn’t in full expression. This is very ironic given that I spend my days, both professionally and personally, in and around intensely creative people and environments. I won’t go so far as to say that blogging literally saved my life, but it did open a new and exciting world that constantly indulges my innate creative side – a world and side of myself that I’m still learning about everyday single day.

The absolute best thing about blogging is that it’s your space among the cosmos, and within it, the one place where you have full creative control. It challenges you, educates you, helps you find your voice and allows you to build that voice. Through my site I can share what I’ve learned, reflect on life, and explore my passions. Liberatingly, this means it can be something as surface as my love of exploring some place new for the first time, to my take on a popular fashion trend, to something a bit more concrete and serious – whether it be my thoughts about a museum exhibition or a film I’ve seen that hit me so hard it warranted an analysis that I needed to share. I’m in a zone where I can write playfully one day, and where I can stretch myself to write even more thoughtfully and critically the next. Even better, it can be about any and everything I chose for it to be. It’s astounding when you think about it – this freedom doesn’t apply to many other areas in life.

On a personal note, where blogging has saved my life (if I were to use that ultra dramatic catch-phrase), is in always improving my outlook on life or finding the lesson when the outlook isn’t quite so positive at the moment. It’s made me grateful for where I am despite the times that I do question “what next?” because somehow sharing and reflecting on my experiences and ideas with you forces me to always engage with life and shapes my perspective. Essentially, through blogging you start to see the good because you’re always look for it so that you have a story to tell.

In honor of All That Glitters’ “Blogoversary,” I thought I would share my personal all-time favorite posts so far. Interestingly, I probably have an affinity toward many of these stories because they were such happy experiences in and of themselves, but I also enjoyed writing about them and sharing them visually. They remind me of such wonderful times and still make me smile every time I look back on them. Others are posts that directly fulfill that missing expression I’ve often felt and allowed me to have a voice.

Today I celebrate post 210! Thank you for reading and growing with me. I hope somehow it inspires you to find your voice and your space among the cosmos in whatever way works best for you as well.

love & light,